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Smoking vs Vaping

When It Comes to Smoking vs Vaping, There Is No Doubt Which  One Is Better

Smoking vs vaping is an issue raised countless times either by vapers or smokers. What both should know is that vaping is much healthier as it causes almost no damage to the body’s respiratory system.

Smoking, whether tobacco or cannabis, leaves a lot of tar and other carcinogens which may cause cancer and heart diseases. Vaporizers operate below the point of combustion and so only the plant’s oils are emitted without the harmful substances. These oils contain the terpenes that are responsible for the effects generated by the plant you vape.

A word of caution

Some vaporizers are manufactured by unlicensed companies with no regulation. Their devices contain heavy metals or glue that may emit poisonous substances at high temperatures. So it’s always recommended to buy a vaping device made of high quality materials manufactured by a reputable company even if it means paying some extra bucks. At the end of the day, your health has no cost.

Vaping is much more discrete

smoking vs vaping
Smoking creates bad smell that sticks to your hair and clothes

Smoking generates bad smell. It sticks to your hair and clothes and stays with you whenever you go. When you enter a room, everyone will know you have just smoked. Vaporizers, in contrast, create a gentle smell that quickly disappears.

When you are at work or in a movie, you can take a few minutes off, go to a quiet place to vape. When you come back, no one will be able to tell that you have been vaping.

It’s much easier

Rolling a joint is more difficult that loading your vaporizer with your desired herbs and pushing the on button. Many dry herb vaporizers are portable and can be carried in a small pouch and even in your pocket.

Of course, you must make sure the device is fully charged, otherwise your vaping experienced won’t be optimal and you may waste your herbs.

The taste and the experience are undoubtedly better

When you vape, the weeds are not burned as in the case of smoking. As a result, the flavors you will get from a vaporizers are softer but much richer. The effects when vaping marijuana is tenderer compared to what you feel with a joint, but it lasts longer as you gradually get stoned. To be honest, it’s a matter of personal preferences. Some like to get high quickly. Others, such as myself, like it gentler and smoother.

To sum up, when it comes to smoking vs vaping, the latter is definitely preferable. Those who haven’t yet been exposed to the benefit of vaping, should give it a try.