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How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint – Things You Need to Know

The stigma attached to cannabis has slowly but steadily disappeared in recent years. More and more people are in favor of legalization. This is, of course, good news for smokers and vapers. Although there are many advanced options today to consume cannabis, such as dry herb vaporizers, it is still important to know the basics regarding how to roll a joint.

how to roll a jointLet’s get started – picking the right type of cannabis

Do you wish to be vitalized and energetic? Maybe you feel like taking a step back, relaxing and forgetting the pressure of your everyday routine? The effect you will want to get will depend on the cannabis strain you will smoke or vape. Ask your supplier to give you the proper strain.

Grinding the cannabis you chose

Dried flowers are much easier to grind. You could use scissors, but if you want a perfect joint, the flowers must be finely chopped. We recommend a grinder.

As a rule of thumb, the more pins the grinder has, the more efficiently it will chop the herbs. Grinders’ prices range from 15 to 80 dollars, the electric ones being the more expensive. Take into account that a cheap grinder can do the job quite well.

One word of caution, avoid aluminum grinders which may be hazardous to your health. Aluminum, if not properly processed, is toxic.

What about a filter?

Do you want your joint to include a filter? A filter will make your joint tighter and more durable and will prevent it from crumbling when passed from one smoker to another.

In addition, with a filter you will be able to hold the joint longer without getting burned as you won’t find yourself holding a roach. In that way, you will exploit more of the weed in the joint. You can make an improvised filter using cardboard (which will suffice) or buying a reusable one made of wood.

How much cannabis should the joint contain?

Some like their joints compressed to make the smoke denser and richer. I personally prefer the joint to be lighter.

What is important is to make sure the weed is spread evenly. Experienced smokers may prefer to put less weed close to the filter to make inhaling easier and smoother.

One more tip, it is strongly recommended to use a hemp paper when you roll the joint. Its thinness promises that you will fully enjoy the weed’s flavor.

Smoking vs vaping

True, rolling a joint is simple and classical, but there are better ways today to enjoy cannabis. Dry herb vaporizers promise you a much better experience with your weed.

Smoking a joint creates combustion. Along with cannabinoids, you inhale substances containing a variety of toxic carcinogens capable of causing cancer. Vaping, on the other hand, promises you a much purer cannabinoid extract with minimum health hazards.

What is more, dry herb vaporizers are much easier to use. You just have to put the weed in a chamber, push the on button, wait a couple of seconds for the device to reach the desired temperature and start vaping.

Having said that, smoking a joint is still great fun, which even the most enthusiast vapers enjoy doing once in a while. That is why is it important not to forget how to roll a joint.